Batlleiroig is an architecture firm, located in Barcelona, founded in 1981 by Enric Batlle and Joan Roig. We are a multidisciplinary team, combining the practice of Planning, Landscape and Architecture.

We understand architecture as a continuous process where diverse creativities are superimposed with different techniques attempting to achieve maximum efficiency in the results. Innovation is a value and essential criteria at Batlleiroig, both in the singular and efficient strategy it implements in work processes as in the conception, development and execution of projects.

“Climate emergency is currently our main transversality, that which must guide all our actions. We believe that we shall evolve towards a more solid stance in each of the solutions we apply. We must innovate even more to accomplish everything we do now in a different manner. We cannot reduce spending without changing any of the systems we currently apply; we must change our ways to reduce drastically.” – Enric Batlle