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A former brown-field site, Waitangi Park redefines the concept of urban park within the Wellington coastal context. Structured around five key initiatives: the activity zone; the promenades; the cultural and historical overlays; the field and a programme of highly integrated environmental infrastructure, the park offers a multitude of recreational possibilities.

Waitangi Park is a bench mark for sustainable landscape design within the Wellington Region. The park’s environmentally sustainable design and the water sensitive urban design strategy not only contributes to improved water quality but also contributes to the visual appeal of the park generating a unique character for the place.

Cultural narrative and site history are central to the design concept, the interpretation of which is woven throughout the park’s detailing and spatial composition. This approach, to fully integrate site interpretation into the built form, is possibly most evident in the realisation of Waitangi Stream and the Graving Dock which are both major components of the site’s Water Sensitive infrastructure and clear acknowledgements of the site’s historical past and it’s significance to local Iwi of The Tenths Trust.

Design features:

  • A high level of mixed recreational uses for a diverse range of users;
  • Sophisticated and effective environmentally sustainable design;
  • Connectivity to the urban framework within which the waterfront site is positioned; and
  • Amplification of the park’s physical components by woven narratives pertinent to the Wellington region, referencing both the natural and cultural heritage of the site.


Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand


Wraight + Associates


Architect: Athfield Architects

Project management: Wellington Waterfront

Structural / Civil engineer: Spencer Holmes
Skate park specialist: Justin Wright


Wellington Waterfront Ltd.


5.8 Ha




Wraight + Associates

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